Marvelous Mister Mike

Magician, Balloon Twister & Juggler

Can you entertain at my child's birthday party?
YES. Your child and his / her friends will be thrilled to watch magic, juggling, and balloon twisting up close. I will do magic, create a variety of fun balloon animals, and perform various juggling tricks. The magic tricks in my act are colorful, lively, and age appropriate.

Do you have any reviews?
Yes I do. Just Google "Marvelous Mister Mike" and you should see Google my business and read my reviews. You can also read my reviews left on gigsalad at Mister Mike's Reviews.

What do you charge?
Please see my Rates page. I think you will find my rates to be very reasonable.

What can you make with balloons?
I can twist balloons into dogs, cats, monkeys, hearts, horses, swans, bears, elephants, zebras, reindeers, moose, frogs, snakes, turtles, ladybugs, bees, unicorns, guitars, giraffes, flowers, many different hats, dachshunds, tigers, poodles, rabbits, penguins, dinosaurs, swords, airplanes, and octopuses...or is it octopai? I think it is octopai.

Do we need to provide you with anything?
I will need space to perform (About 8ft X 8ft square. But if you got less than that -- I'll improvise). I also will need an electrical outlet for a small PA system which I use for large audiences. Other than that, I will provide all of my own props. I typically arrive 15 minutes early to set up my table and magic trick trunk. Please make sure you have comfortable seating for all your guests. A blanket on the floor works great for kids.   

What is your availabilty?
I am what you would call a "Weekender", but I can do some weekday evenings, depending on the travel time.
Sat - Sun.........Anytime you like.

What will you wear?
For magic shows, I wear a white tuxedo shirt with a blue vest (or silver vest), black pants and shoes. If I know I will be outdoors in the blazing Summer heat, then I will wear a short-sleeved, blue shirt designed for hot days. Regardless, I always dress the part of an entertainer.

What is your cancellation policy?
My cancellation policy is: the sooner the better. If something un-forseen comes up on your end, just give me a call and we can cancel or reschedule. I have no formal policy, but I would like to have you cancel BEFORE I am packed, dressed, prepared and driving to your house :-)

Do you require a contract?
For residential birthday parties, I don't require a contract. If I am asked to perform for say, a baseball stadium, for several games in a season, then yes I usually require a contract.

What forms of payment will you accept?
I accept cash, check, money order or Paypal. Please make your check payable to Michael Pacyga.

Do you require a deposit?
Typically, I do not require a deposit. My customers have been great, and I have not found it necessary to ask for deposit. At times I have to require a deposit if my customer and I are using an online booking site.

Frequently Asked Questions

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